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LTE is a Trading Standards Partner in Primary Authority, a CPD accredited educational organisation & UKRLP registered. Providers of BACP & BPS registered staff working as LAR Recovery Practitioners.

Linden Tree Education

We've been around a long time.

We've helped well over 350,000 people with our web-app and over 30,000,000 people with our programs, books, videos and online resources.

Our team are the most qualified, experienced mental health and recovery experts in the world and our results speak for themselves.

Our Educators, Psychology & Recovery Practitioner Team

Psychology and educational professionals providing evidence based recovery practice since 1997.

The first provider of online therapy.

The only provider of evidence based recovery therapy.

Our team - BACP, BPS, UKRLP, CPD, AC

About Us

The Linden Method was created in June 1997 by Charles Linden and perfected with help of his team of anxiety recovery practitioners, counselling psychotherapists and psychologists over 24 years of practice.

Linden Tree Education is now the vehicle for online, home access, workshop, corporate, schools and residential programs of recovery from all disorders of the emotions.

Linden Tree Education is a CPD accredited educational centre, registered with UKRLP and Trading Standards Partners in Primary Authority.

Linden Tree Education is a team of educators and psychology professionals working to bring recovery practice to all people dealing with anxiety conditions.

LAR practitioner accreditation is LTE's professional Anxiety Recovery Coach training program.


We were the world's first professional online, email and telephone counselling service.

We developed the world's first mental health 'app'. Our mobile enabled app has provides over 350,000 people with recovery resources and support by our qualified mental health practitioners.

We are the only provider of psycho-educational recovery administered by our psychological team.

In 1997 we started our Recovery Psychology services and have since developed our programmes, organisation and delivery formats into the most respected and curatively successful anxiety disorders treatment method in the world.

We provide recovery in one-to-one, Workshop, Residential, School/College and Corporate formats and train Anxiety Recovery Practitioners to a professional level through our NCFE accredited LAR Practitioner training courses available through our online Moodle training portal.

Why Are We Different?

The Most Influential Mental Health Provision Available

What if providing recovery and wellbeing also resulted in releasing true potential and capacity?

The most complete wellbeing platform available.

The Recovery and wellbeing portal provides everything a person will need in order to return to full systemic balance - maximising every aspect of their physical and mental capacity and potential.

Why psycho-educational recovery?

It's unique in so many ways; most importantly, it explains why predisposition to 90% of mental health issues is an asset and not the curse it is often perceived as.

Step 1 of recovery - The science of the emotions and recovery from conditions of the emotions is also the science of systemic balance, endocrine response and the emotions - our programs start with explaining that science in simple-to-understand language. Learners then understand how to recover but, equally as influentially, how recovery means maximising every aspect of their physical and intellectual potential.

The result of full recovery changes and saves lives but also returns people to their authentic 'selves' - incredibly capable assets in life, at home and at work.

*Conforms to NICE guidelines and the NHS Stepped Care Model. The programs are psycho-educational and are governed by our CPD accredited organisations. UKRLP registered. Team are all BACP and BPS. Psycho-education falls outside of psychological and psychiatric practice.

Charles' and the team's work has taken around the world to spend time with incredible people and to bring anxiety disorder recovery to all the people who need it.

It is humbling to remember where we started in 1997 and how we now provide life-changing resources to people of all ages from around the world.

One day, our programs will be the number-one treatment for all anxiety conditions... until that day... call us!


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The Linden Centre, Campion House, Green St, Kidderminster. DY10 1JF. United Kingdom

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