When Threat Leaves but Fear Remains

The global mental health impact of a health pandemic.

March 21st

We are all living with sudden uncertainty. We are all
feeling concerned, somewhat deceived, disappointed or alienated by the people
who represent us, but there’s a side-story to our global plight that will only
become entirely apparent when the fear subsides.

There has existed a long-held and sustained belief, a story
told by our advisers, that fear and anxiety are the same, interchangeable in
speech and defined in the same way biologically but it’s a falsehood that has
given rise to so much suffering. Fear is a natural and necessary human emotion,
anxiety is disordered fear – suffering from anxiety conditions isn’t about
frailty, vulnerability or mental illness. Anxiety IS disorder.

Around 40-50% of all people are predisposed to activation of
fear disorders including OCD, panic attacks, phobias, compulsions, self-harm
and eating disorders which means that around half of the world population CAN
suffer. Before this global COVID-19 pandemic, many of those people were unaware
of their predisposition and unlike those who suffer, they hadn’t yet
experienced the catalyst that activated their disorder.

The game has now changed and billions of people have now
been exposed to that catalyst, aware of their elevated fear, but unaware that
for most, the fear will not subside when the threat has gone. They will have
developed fear disorder and until the flood recedes, the wreck will be covered.

For those who suffer from anxiety conditions, their elevated
fear is now ‘off the scale’. Many are now isolating due to Coronavirus but also
because they cannot cope with the world outside but even more so now, their
homes offer little in terms of true safety. They now feel vulnerable wherever
they are and the threat is no longer perceived; it has become a reality.

Those suffering from health anxiety, contamination OCD and
other forms of anxiety that have yet higher focus on health and even perhaps
death, in the form of Thanatophobia for example, this situation feels like

When the immediate threat recedes, billions will be left
with exacerbated pre-existing anxiety conditions but many more will be
suffering from new, high level anxiety, phobias, obsessions, compulsions and
associated conditions, symptoms and mood disorders.

Health services will be unprepared for the tidal-wave of
suffering. Mental health services will be crippled by the weight of demand and
people everywhere will be asking “why do I feel this way? And Who can help?”

The core problem is in the application of science. The
physiology/neurology of anxiety conditions lies far outside of the logic behind
commonly used treatment models, preferring to focus on analysis, blame and
talking rather than on the implicated science – therefore millions continue to

Since 1997 our team of psychologists and psychotherapists
have been bringing about full, unmatched recovery and our international
reputation for doing so has made us the go-to resource for ‘fixing’ when people
can’t leave home, work, go to school, get on stage, return to the pitch or get
on set. Why? Because we get the job done using science.

Our responsive ‘web-app’ Linden Anxiety Recovery portal has
positioned us as the first provider of tele-mental-health (remote) and since
1997.  We have helped millions of people
through our recovery and wellbeing portal, our workshops, corporate training,
online resources and residential recovery facility.

Over 27,000 people are currently using our online provision
and access to that provision, for people of all ages, would mean immediate,
high level advice, support and access to vital tools and techniques that
provide structured recovery instruction; not tea and sympathy, not pointless
soul searching; practical advice that has already helped millions.

Starting on Monday 23 March our team is holding daily,
interactive, live webcasts through ZOOM that clients can access from anywhere
in the world.

Our team are all working from home but are using their own
internet connections and supplied phones to remain in contact and to offer the
support we have become known for world over. They are the most experienced,
knowledgeable and successful recovery practitioners with personal knowledge as
ex sufferers but also, unmatched training and experience.

As a company but also as humans, we must all come together
to overcome this initial threat to our world, loved ones, livelihoods and wellbeing
but also to fight for every sufferer that needs access to common sense
solutions when the wave of disorder hits the shore.

We need to prevent the sociological and economic impact of
this new and exacerbated level of emotional suffering, otherwise its impact
will define the wellbeing of billions of lives and the way the world recovers
from the emotional impact, post COVID-19, for decades.

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